Tales that Witness Madness. A Personal Blog. First Post.

25th August. 2021.

I was in two minds as to whether or not do a blog on my site. Being that it is a magazine it kinda goes against the format of it. Then again, I try and avoid making my magazine like all the other magazine sites out there. I try and post slightly obscure content on it. Hence why there’s nothing about the latest films out there, the latest TV shows etc.

I’m not in this for money or to imitate other magazines – there’s too many film and review sites that all look the same and have too much content on their pages that they just churn it out, left right and centre. It’s almost like there’s no love for the stuff they’re writing about. It just seems to be a race to get the latest news out first and fast.

It is my intention to get other writers on board for my site at some point. But, again, I don’t want generic writers trying to write reviews or features like they’re writing for those other sites. I like the writer to write about their experience of the book they read, the film or play they went and seen rather than just write a straight-up review of it. I’m just as interested in why the reviewer went to see the film or the play than their actual review of it. I know professional journalists have to write a review of X because it’s their job. But again, they just generally write a straight-up review of whatever it is they’ve seen, without giving too much context on their thoughts of how it compares to other similar works etc.

I think there’s too many writers trying to write like those other reviewers all in the hope of getting a job from it – to show that they too can write like the professionals. Fine, let them do that. All they’re doing is suppressing their real inner voice.

So why am I writing a blog on here? Well, I’ve not posted many articles on here of late. Apart from the reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe shows that I’ve seen I’ve not had the time to write an article for a while. I’ve been busy writing other things. I’ll talk about these in the next blog post. I figured that writing a blog is a good way to keep this site active and I always think that writing anything is good to keep honing one’s writing skills and keep your writing mind active as well.

I will still be posting my regular content on the magazine outside of this blog. I’ll still write film reviews and recommendations and features. Some of those take a bit of time to research hence why I’ve not written anything recent. I’m reading a few books at the moment so when I finish them I’ll write an article on them. I’ve still to do the second part for It Came from the ’80s. I need to find a few obscure cool horror movies for that, obviously.

Today I’ve got to do some shopping and have to return stuff at the Post Office, so it’s just a quick post here. I’m also trying to finish a short story I wrote in 2018. It’s a sci-fi horror story set in Edinburgh. I finished it in 2019 but it was a bit clunky so I’m tidying it up this week and re-writing some scenes in it. I’ll give an update on this in the next post at some point this week. The good thing with writing blog posts like this is I can do them in less than thirty minutes. So please excuse any typos if you see them. I’m just running and gunning writing. Is that even a phrase?

Before I go I’ll mention why the title of my blog is called ‘Tales that Witness Madness.’ It’s from a 70s British horror film. I was just going to call my blog something boring along the lines of ‘A Personal Blog’ but that’s got no character at all. Then I was thinking along the lines of Bukoswki’s ‘The Pleasures of the Damned’ and my train of thought moved to the madness I feel when I’ve written something that never sees the light of day because the writing wasn’t up to a certain standard. I’ll elaborate on that and the madness in other posts.

Lastly, the featured images on my blog posts will just be random photos that I’ve taken myself or from my old family photo albums. Maybe that’ll make this more interesting.

Anyway, need to run just now. The errands are a-calling. Drop a comment if writing (at times) makes you mad as well.

Ciao, for now.


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