The Hammer DVD Collection


For Christmas I was gifted the Hammer Films 21 DVD disc-set collection. Prior to recommending it to my sister (as the only thing I wanted for Christmas) I initially had reservations about the quality of the DVD’s as Hammer hadn’t released a Blu-ray option for this collection.


The outer box (photo 1) is pretty rigid and should last for years, although it is prone to showing up fingerprints on it due to its glossy finish.

Inside the box you pull out the multiple DVD holder (photo 2) which is quite sturdy and holds the DVD’s firmly in place.

The only negative point is that I felt it could do with a slightly better closing clip to shut the holder, but other than that it does the job.

The set also comes with a small booklet (photo 3) giving a brief history of Hammer and some information regarding each production contained within the 21 DVD disc-set collection. This is pretty cool and makes it more of a collector’s item.

The DVD’s themselves have a sleek design with scenic artwork on them, which makes it easier to find the film you want rather than just relying on the text as such.


For £30 it’s every horror fans’ dream come true to be honest, and a steal at that considering you get countless hours spent with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing and vampires, zombies, witches, locust aliens, the Devil, Frankenstein – need I go on!

In the digital age I firmly believe it’s important to grab physical media of the films you love because you never know what may happen to the rights further down the line. Don’t wait for the Blu-Ray version of this to appear because it may not happen!

And even if it does (and you’re a big Hammer fan like me) you’ll probably buy that as well anyway.

* Over the course of the next few weeks I will be reviewing every film contained within the box-set and will talk about the transfer quality of each DVD, so watch this space. *

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