The Good Scout ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Esteemed writer and director Glenn Chandler brings a hidden gem of a story to the Fringe with his intriguing dramatisation of a Hitler Youth group’s visit to pre-war Britain in the 1930s. Drawing inspiration from real-life events, the plot evolves around two Nazi party youth members and their Boy Scout counterparts.

The play explores Nazi ideology in the subtlest of ways at times and also deals with themes of self-discovery and sexuality amongst an undercurrent of espionage. There are some beautifully poignant moments throughout which avoid being overly-sentimental, and the whimsical script offers a fascinating insight into a generally untold part of history.

Aided with a well-rehearsed cast, all of whom are to be commended, it is the two main leads (Clemente Lohr and Simon Stache) who excel the most in their contrasting portrayals as members of the Hitlerjugend.

The Grand Theatre at Surgeons Hall is not the biggest of stages but it does give an intimate viewing for The Good Scout. And like all good plays – when all the elements are in harmony you forget the venue immediately because you are so engrossed in the story being told and the performances that are on show.

The Good Scout is on to August 24th. Click here for show details.

CAST (in alphabetical order)

John Dory: Lewis Allcock

Rose Parrish: Amanda Bailey

Will Parrish: Clement Charles

Gerhard Kleeman: Clemente Lohr

Jacob Collier: Charlie Mackay

Friedrich Dorf: Simon Stache


Stage & Company Manager: Jade Hunter

Lighting Design: Jack Wills

Costume Design: David Shields & Barbara Williams

Sound Design: Julian Starr

Artwork Design: Jon Bradfield

Production Photographs: Gaz Sherwood (PGB Studios)

Fight Director: Charlie Mackay

Written and Directed by: Glenn Chandler

A Boys of the Empire Production

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